Getting started

Why do we travel? What is true reason behind our travel bug?

There are many reasons to start a extended trip, but let us start planning now?

At first we should try to start to understand our own travel desire. Why the travelbug is there. What is the true travel reason behind our travel bug? What did cause that our travelbug is more active than at people who are surrounding us? What is the true reason that we want to see the world?

Let us look deeper into, at this early stage! To be more reflected and analytic will make a big difference for your planning and for your experience at the trip itself. Will enables us to get more out of the journey itself, to get what we really want. 

To be reflected and honest to ourself at this stage, let us do a way better plan at this stage.

Do we search for interactions with peoples, or do we try to find ourself in a more remote are? This question changes the requirements for our camping gear, about the self sufficiency of our complete setup.

For thoose who want to to be able to stay over weeks in remote areas have other need than a traveller who mostly try to stay at locals to get in a deeper touch with local culture. 

To look deeper into our travel wishes itself helps also to see, if or who would be a good counterpart of our jorney, or if starting a extended journey itself is the best action for our current situation.

Why some are keep focussed about career, family, kids and a house, while others cant stop dreaming about travelling, about other culture, another vibe?

Do we really love that deep to travel, or do we want to quit with what we did get (relationship, work, family, friends)? If the "reset or newstart" is the purpose, we can save a lot with just use a storage service at home and leaving for an backpacking trip with an around the world ticket. You can start quicker that way, and you can come back instantly without have to ship you car back at home.

Let us see, if we can analyse that in severall Blog entrys we are collecting here! Feel free to use the comment function to get in touch with us, give us futher topics you like to see discussed.

What is the best age to start extended travelling? Should we start younger or at age? What are the true hidden costs of travelling? How this costs change during age?

Travel fatigue - how to avoid travel-weary at longterm journeys