About us

About the writers behind https://vanlife.4x4tripping.com/

We are three guys writing this blog.

As early as teenagers, when were not even able to drive legally, we started dreaming about driving by car from Europe to Japan. We also dreamt about travelling by car for extended trips in other rather remote places of the world, like Panamericana or Transafrica.

When we were finally old enough to drive (and drink), two of us who were already friends at the time, did several overlanding / vanlife trips in Asia together, where we rented rusty cars from the local dealerships and slept in the car or tents (and other interesting places,  such as - after a unique series of events - prison...but that is another story ;)). Several roadtrips in the USA followed. 

In the beginnings, we did just bring a silk sleeping bag and a tent with us (to use if it was nice enough to sleep outside). On top of it, we packed basic overlanding gear like a gas stove, an icebox and some food. 

When we grew older and eventually each one of us was in a relationship, we started to do overlanding / vanlife each on our own, and - with women onboard - vanlife got more luxurious ;)

This blog summarizes our experiences that we gathered over the years, on single, joint and family trips, in various places of the world (see the map below).

Please feel encouraged to reach out to us with any questions or comments you may have. We would love to grow this community, and are also always open for like-minded people who would like to share their ideas and thoughts as guest authors on our page. 

You can reach us at this at this email adress: 4x4tripping at gmx.ch

Our postal address:
Heinz Treben
Kornackerstrasse 12
4402 Frenkendorf

Yours, Heinz, Etienne, Stefan  

Here can you see where we where till today:

Some trip reports and travel diaries you can find here. This trips are always are done by travellng as a single car, sometimes too as solo traveller.

Transafrica Journey (20`500 km) Overland Trip 
Iceland Trip (6`500 km) Overland Trip 
Laos Journey (4`000km) Overlanding Trip
South America solo trip (35`500 km) Overland Trip 
Eastern Europe solo Trip (6`5000 km) Overland Trip 
Sweden Overland (6`600 km) Overland Trip 

Here are some pictures out of our journeys:

Vanlife in Thailand
Offroad Fun in Thailand

Overlanding and Vanlife in the us
Overlanding and Vanlife in the US

Vanlife in africa
A road in Cameroon on our Transafrica

Vanlife in africa
River Camp in South Africa

Vanlife in Iceland
Staying wild in Iceland

Vanlife in Dubai UAE
not just 4x4 in the UAE

Vanlife in Bolivia
6 months in south america

Vanlife in Europe
Vanlife and Overlanding in Europe

Overlanding in Cuba by rental

Laos Offroad Adventure

Overlanding in Bulgaria