Vehicle Shipping

As long your planned route did content some shipping plans it is helpful to look that the car still fits in a 20" feet Container. Specially as long you plan to ship on non-common routes.
On these well travelled paths like the Panamericana the shipping is often done and you probably even find someone to share a Container with you.
Unfortunately the cost of shipping is raising in the past years, so containersharing is not only nice to have. To ship different sizes is not way more expensiv.

As alternative to containershipping is there roro (roll on roll off) to be named, where you had to give your vehicle keys to the shipping company. Happy are those who are able to lock their valuable in the rear for this shipping method.

We can help you gathering informations about shipment and help you to find trustworth companys to deal with. For your planning you can optain here the available container size. Keep too an eye on the door hight, what is mostly the bottleneck for loading our vehicles.