Camp Kitchen - the typical breakfast during camping/vanlife

camp kitchen: how a typicall roadtrip breakfast should look like!

Our breakfast usually doesn`t look that much different than at home, except for acommodating our travel targets and possibilities for restocking. Very important for a rich menu is a fridge. A fridge allows to carry steaks, butter, bacon, cheese, ham, milk and, if you like, even cold beer.

How the day starts has a lot to do with your travelling vehicle and the temperature of your environment. If you are only able to cook outside and it is cold at morning - why not eat some hours later?

If you now think a built-in stove inside is better - that depends extremely on the airflow in your car. Because if your clothes will smell like your recent meals, you will not be happy for a long term. 

If we have more time, the breakfast is usually richer than at home. Omlet with cheese, bacon, mushrooms or a rich breakfast with bread, butter, jam, nutella, honey, cheese, ham - there is no big difference.

In remote areas, of course, the offer always thins out a bit. but that usually affects only salmon and fresh mushrooms. As you can see, life is good to us and serve up quite rich. Overlanding does not mean that you have to do without anything... 

Vanlife/Overlanding: how a typicall roadtrip breakfast should look like!

You can buy dark bread which you can keep up to 3 months. You can buy small liver sausage you can keep up to 8 months without a fridge. And you can bake your own bread during your trip on your campfire in a dutch oven, if your vehicle has no baking oven.

For extended travelling you should prepare yourself to be able to make a good breakfast, even if the local stores are empty or not as helpful as at home. Porridge and milk powder is easy to store and just need hot water. 

Maybe you are wondering why you do not see fruits here? Fruits we eat during day if available and we like a small snack.

I always have food for several days in my car, to be prepared if something unplanned happen. To be able to stay on a beautiful remote place, is just one of these reasons. 

In south america there are often roadblocks, the way the locals try to get a cleaning lady for the school at example. Then you are alway happy to be able to sit it out relaxed without to get hungry. How does your breakfast looks like?