The panamericana - informations, links, howto

About the Panamerica overland journey, from paperwork, border crossing, shipping till many travelogues

This is one of the extendes roadtrips who is still an adventure at 2021!  With the crossing of two Continents and up to 12 Countries and around 30`000 Kilometers.

The Panamericana is a Road Network who cross two continents and 12 countrys. Just a small part between isnt connected, the darian gap, where you had to ship your car!

It is one of these famous routes like the Silkroad, Transsibiria or a Transafrica over east or west who let travellers dream about, to drive there sometimes in their live.

Today we should use socialmedia together with thoose old scool web researches to get a good overview about the trip. 

During this research we should collectiong points of interests we did like to see on our own journey. And also we can use the experience of other travellers to get prepared. 

You will regret not to collect the POIs afterwards because the official travel guides miss a lot what we overlanders can do! And to read travel blogs and youtube videos again just for POIs - will screw you up!

Web Research

Many helpful blogs of travellers are linked there in details. Blogs who are helpful for Paperwork, Visa, Border crossings and vehicle shipping. Blogs who had collected GPS Waypoints like Wildcamp-Spots ore places who the travellers meet each other, so called "overlander hotspots" are very valuable. You will to find Blogs who had a detailed writeup about recent shipping costs and so on.

I cant really help you there, because the informations will outdate pretty quickly, and this is an important step of preparing your journey!

There are also special themes linked. Like travelling with dogs, travelling with kids, garages and mechanics in south america. This website is a little time machine for us overlanders, save us hours of searching at the internet.

Such projects live from us travellers. If you start your journey, I hope you remember about where you get so much informations, and you can help us others with updated informations.

Also the africa overland Network has a category "Panamerica / the Americas" who is worth to visit, because some travelers are listened just on this website. *edit* offline since feb 2021 - hope it comes back online*

Also it is helpful to read about the recent experiences in the Panamericanaforum.

And Informations collected here:

Social Media Research

There are severall Facebook Groups arroud, where you can get the most recent informations in near realtime. There too the travellers who are on Youtube and Instagram are promoting their stuff.

Useful Facebook Groups:
PanAmerican Travelers Association
Overlanding South & Central America

Collecting POIs

A guy did a own collection of POIs where everybody can add points in collaboration. Till now are tons of  Points collected inside of google maps (showed above) Help him and help yourself with adding futher waitpoints. Please request the link over comment or contact form!

I suggest to get those points you like to see on your own routeplanning like described here.