Motohome an Bike RV Camper

I stumbled across an exciting project on the Internet, an absolutely minimalist motorhome based on a motorcycle. There are also exciting extensions for off-road vehicles that are based on a rear extension. The same principle works for motorcycles.

Admittedly - this solution is not suitable for tall people - the cabin has only a length of 1.83m, is just under a meter high and 86cm wide.

In the rear extension is also some storage space for a rudimentary kitchen equipment.


In social media, the project meets with a greater echo - I think he has with the construction of such motorhomes quite a business potentioal with the expansion, after his trip.

The entire vehicle comes so to a length of 3.65 meters. The wheelbase is 2.60 meters. Who now thinks that this will be a lame undriveable vehicle - should be taught better about the video embedded here:

About GoFundMe Jeremy is still looking for donors, for his big travel dream - the Panamericana and has already been able to accumulate a nice little sum.

As someone who has traveled a lot himself, you can see the advantage of such a travel base immediately: low fuel consumption, no restrictions regarding vehicle height and weight, meets the requirements of a minimalist travel vehicle and a lot of power and driving fun.

Compared to a ground tent, there is no need to set it up every day, you have more protection from rain and also a bit more protection from annoying crawlies.

So much more space, at least in terms of headroom, those who sleep in the off-road vehicle also do not have.

I did wrote Jeremy - hope to get an update for his project! Unfortunately without getting a response inside of two weeks. But I did found a lot of examples at HUBB travel with bike and sleeping option.