Traveling light is not just an option for Vanlife

weighed and atoned / fined or better travelling light?

It is not just about a higher vehicle maintenance, about the fuel usage, about what can happen in the rare case of an accident. If you are unlucky your vehicle got weightet. You had to pay a fine, you can`t drive away without to get a legal weight.  

In this Article I will collect what and how often I will read about in Social Media and different Travelblogs. Be shure, that not all travellers will wrote about in the Public. 

weighed and atoned / fined or better travelling light?

Inside of my 70`000 Miles Overlanding through Europe, Africa and South America I never got weighted by myself. What has a lot to do with my travel vehicle, who doesnt look like an camping car. Soon the travel purpose is visible, that will change quickly.

To weight us Vanlifers without a decent RV or without Trailer is not common in most country`s. They do it regulary in south africa and australia - where it is not unusual to do GMV or GVR Upgrades for overlanding vehicles. 

Please not, that you should watch not just the GVM, you have to watch too at the axle weight rating. It is easily to stay legal with the overall weight - but have (mostly) the rear or front axle overloaded..

Here I will collect cases where travellers got weighted with their van - means with vehicles under 7`716 lbs or 3.5to. That trucks got weighted or bigger rv`s - is pretty common on many parts of the world.

Counting since 2020 - I just add links if it is readble in a public Blog or non private FB Group or web community, otherwise I just will raise the counter below:

Country    Counter

Austria           2x

Australia        2x

South africa   1x 

This Post isnt yet in my blog in german language  @

Please help me to made those travel vehicle "weight and fine" more visualble for the public. You can add links to Websites, Blogs vLogs, FB or Insta with the comment functon below (without need to open or verify an account!).

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