The best fridge for Overlanding / Vanlife

The best fridge for Overlanding / Vanlife: a comparison and detailed test

I was waiting since 2011 to a serious test of 12v compressor fridge / freezer on the market. A comparison for power usage and thermal insulation. To measure the loudness (decibel), cool down times and so on. 

And now it is freshly released. It is an interesting read, how those newcomers performs. 

For us who are build-up our van, we mostly don`t go for the best performance. Each of those would do the job. For us, the following points are important in order

  • Size: which fridge is necessary?
  • Size: which fridge size fits in my car?
  • Price: which is affordable
  • Availability: can I buy them somewhere

Since we carry small and light battery boxes and solar panels we are sufficiently self-sufficient even on rainy days to keep the cooler and our equipment running.

Link: Expeditionportal

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