the perfect campsite and campground - a wish list

a wish list for the perfect campsite and campground

Desire concert - the perfect campsite, what do you need for the perfect oasis?

All diligent readers know that we are usually free standing, or make wild camping, in Switzerland as well as abroad. How would a campsite have to look so that we would change our view, I was recently asked.

We have already visited some campsites, the Sleeping Camel in Bamoko (Mali), the Hippocamp in Brazzaville (Congo) or the Loki del Mar in Mancora (Peru).

What makes these places so special? Or what would a place have to fulfill to become a travel hotspot abroad? I hope that not all travelers tick in such a way that they prefer a hotspot like this one, with the beer garden included...
In my eyes the mentioned ones benefit from two factors and not really from what the small oases offer:
Safety in an environment that is considered mixed in this respect and socializing, meeting other travelers in an area where naturally you rarely meet like-minded overlanders.
This means that you don't go to these places primarily because what is offered is so outstanding. The next question followed immediately - what does a campsite have to offer to become an oasis for us travelers? 

The optimal campsite

Of course, a spectacularly beautiful landscape would be helpful, on the banks of a river or by the sea / lake, otherwise a pool would also help. But almost more important is that it is a place that invites you to stay, nicely decorated with plants and generously laid out. It must be quiet, if it is located on a road, you can provide with walls / bushes for Noisecancellation and for good air.

Surrounded by walls or high fences, it suggests privacy and security (yes, even in safe countries). A single manned driveway allows control of visitors, and is closed in the evening. Besides the security, it also gives that "oasis" feeling - being in your own little world, detached from everything around it.

There are pitches that are secluded and those for those who like to travel in small groups. There is plenty of space, distance and the vegetation provides privacy and tranquility.

At the site there is a small table, 2 benches and a small fireplace with swiveling single grill. There is an electricity connection, which does not need to be particularly strong. Long term travelers are usually quite self-sufficient and not so demanding here. 1-2 hammocks or deck chairs invite to linger.

There are enough clean hot showers and toilets and also hot water for the washing up and the appropriate trays.

Besides privacy, socializing would of course be important, a common central barbecue area, fireplace, small kitchen, some tables, chairs and benches - laid out so as not to disturb those seeking peace and quiet. Enclosing walls / bushes help to suppress noise, also allow music and can be easily decorated with lighting effects.

a wish list for the perfect campsite and campground

The perfect campsite - what does an operator need to consider?

Once a week in the evening a common BBQ highlight on the part of the operator for an extra charge.

At the central barbecue area there is firewood to pick up.

Clean, tidy and well-kept, the facility should be beautifully landscaped in the evening passively lit (spotlights in the trees, preferably in color) to attract insects to these lights.

Optional laundry service or access to washing machines,

Wifi or better 3G prepaid sim cards and the support to get them running. The necessary bandwidth cannot be offered for free in times of cloudsync and streaming especially in the second world.

A small store on the site, nearby or some kind of shopping service against order does not hurt of course.

A way to fill up on water.

Now all that is missing is a reliable network of partners, from a small workshop for the vehicles, local food, car rental, vehicle long-term parking, a doctor, a dentist, lawyer, notary. You can't offer everything yourself - but knowing the right people is a win-win for everyone, including guests. Also a car interior
cleaning for campers - would certainly be appreciated (or else a place with a vacuum cleaner and enough clean storage space).

It's not that hard to do. In such a place we would also like to dangle the soul, after a few weeks of travel. Book a night to wash - and then extend. Am I too picky here or picky? What do you guys think? In central Europe to stand on a campsite - would be the absolute horror for me. Like pickled sardines vehicle to vehicle.

We have already found such oases on the way that come close: Africanoverlanders, Di Punt in Keimoes (South Africa) and the Storbo Adventure Camp (Sweden). Which oases have you already discovered?

This Article is available in german language too: Wunschkonzert, die perfekte Campsite

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