The small 12v oven for overlanding / vanlife / marina

The small 12v oven for overlanding / vanlife / marina

In times where we travelers in the van / bus / SUV with board battery and solar power anyway have enough power in the luggage, fortunately also find more and more grateful buyers. 

Today I stumbled across the 12v oven, which can be conveniently operated via the cigarette lighter with 12v and 10 amps. 
The small 12v oven for overlanding / vanlife / marina

12v electric oven for bread, pizza and delicious roasts.
This is not a hoax, as evidenced by so many websites, Youtube videos and blog posts.

The Travel Buddy 12V Marine Oven is being used diligently. From sailing yachts to 4x4 travelers, words of praise can be found.

Once again, unfortunately, only in the Australian region, and thus a costly shipping and import comes to us prospective buyers. What the fun with shipping and customs clearance will cost can be guessed from the purchase price in an UK webstore. 

Sources of supply: 

160€ Australia "Travel buddy":
315€ England "Road Chef":

If you look at the Facebook hashtag travelbuddy12voltoven, at least I get pretty hungry. At the UK store you can find the "Road Chef" tag in the pictures - but the road also leads back to Australia.

Whether on/in a boat, garden shed or travel vehicle, 12v appliances are coming and can be solar self-sufficient. Hot water boilers on 12v basis I have already presented. 

So at least the search for gas would be omitted, if one is on international journeys. Whether that justifies the price you have to decide. 

Alternative products:
220v mini oven via 220v inverter (min. 1200W)


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