Vanlife and social media

I follow quite a few Youtubers and Instagrammers on their journeys. It's exciting to see how their careers develop over the years. Some stop as soon as they have more or less completed the "apprenticeship years", some start to make a living from it. Others say goodbye again, at least to the so-called full-time van life.

Therefore, the latest video of the "Travel Beans", who definitely belong to those who have "made it", so to speak, if we look at the number of followers (185k), was also exciting for me. 

Anyone who has ever wanted to document their holidays in a film for friends and family should know that producing high-quality videos and setting them to music should be regarded as work. 

And this work is easy to do in a van with two people, space is limited. Even with a van and camper extension, it is still not an ergonomic workplace with two screens each for the two travellers. The only solution is to outsource the "post production" as Eva does - or to live a minimalism that is not to everyone's taste.

Travelling as an end in itself in order to get topics to report on, that still seems to be a way to build one's "brand" as a travel vlogger. But shouldn't the protagonists focus more on themselves? I think many followers don't want a virtual travel guide - but to watch how travellers fare on the road.

Or one becomes active as an advisor after the trips, the path that Dan Grec, for example, is taking, about which we have also already reported.

Transparency statements: For all those who are not familiar with Youtube, here is a short piece of information: The person who uploads the video decides whether the video can be embedded as above or not. Any advertising revenue from your views and clicks always goes to the person who uploaded the video.

Because I present the video, the respective uploader or channel profits - and not myself.

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