A portable split air conditioner / Aircon for Vanlife

A split air conditioner with low power consumption for camping and small rooms up to 16 square meters.

When I was looking for an economical, small air conditioning system for my office room in times of Corona, I stumbled across this great solution. 

A mobile split air conditioner with very economical consumption values. This is intended for caravans - can of course also be used elsewhere. This split unit air conditioner with an output of 2400BTU corresponds to around 700W cooling capacity and is intended for a room size of up to 16 m³.

According to user reviews, the consumption values ​​are quite decent and correspond exactly to the manufacturer's information.

The inrush current is a maximum of 1.4A = 320W, measured with a professional PeakTech PowerAnalyzer. A 10A automatic circuit breaker will not blow out, an inverter with 300W/600W can do that. When switched off, the device draws 0.4W, in maximum fan and cooling mode between 240W and 360W (I have not yet found out why it fluctuates so much). With a 300W solar panel, the part can actually fully run through in full sun. One hour of operation empties the Womo battery by about 20-30Ah, while driving that's no problem at all. 

A split air conditioner with low power consumption for camping and small rooms up to 16 square meters.
Unboxing of the portable AC

But the latter preferably only if the outdoor unit can be attached to a rear window. Otherwise, the outdoor unit protrudes a bit at the side. Certainly not a problem for a long motorway trip, but not really useful through Italian cities.

The dimensions of the two parts (approximately, as some are slightly curved):

Outdoor unit W 43 * H 38 * D 19cm

Inner unit W 40 * H 36 * D 19cm

That sounds quite pleasant and the price of around 500 euros is quite inexpensive for a professional split air conditioning system.

Further information is available here: Mobile SPLIT air conditioner AC for caravans / mobile homes

Mobile AC air conditioning for camping, van life and overlanding with SPLIT and solar-compatible

The water from the cooling process is drained (evaporated) from the outdoor unit here, as is usual with a split air conditioning system.

The approx. 20kg weight is not small, but those who have left out the warmer climes for health reasons, for example, will find a solution that can also be operated with solar.

For me, a cooler office space is currently more important. Unfortunately, only the running time can be programmed on the control unit - and not switched on automatically during the day.

The cooling effect is greath, for a portable solution I can recomend this AC:

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