Alternatives to the Campinggaz gas bottles

The Gas Adapters for get rid of campinggaz camping gas gas bottlers R904, R907, R901. With this Adapter you have alternatives, you can buy cheap gas bottles or cartridges for your rv!

We all know the situation, before the holidays we never know exactly how full the Campinggaz gas bottle is. We consider changing the gas bottle ahead of time so that we don't have to spend time looking for a replacement gas bottle when we travel. 

Here comes the solution finally! The right adapters to use the small gas bottles that we can buy everywhere in DIY shops or outdoor shops around the world.  

1-2 gas cartridges in the luggage and we can use the big gas bottle until it is empty. With the small screw-in cartridges, we now have enough time to replace the Campinggaz gas bottle.

Or we can switch completely to the small gas bottles. Finally, we are completely free - suitable gas cartridges can now be bought everywhere.  These Adapters are for travelling vehicles based at german spezifications, like VW Bus, Bulli, Spacecampers, Ford Nugget & many more!

Necessary adapters for En417 Gas cardridges:


Adapter Handwerkerflasche:

Necessary adapters for MSF-1a Gas cardridges:

If you plan to use the MSF-1A Cardriges you need additional to the en417 Adapters this one:

Adapter für MSF-1a / GB-1a Korea: