Vlog - Newsroom: Current bush radio #1

Vlog Rundschau and the current bush radio - travel inspirations not only for those who stayed at home!

Not everyone has the time to watch the VLogs (Youtube channels or Instagram accounts) of the protagonists in full length. Therefore, here comes a condensed update, with the highlights - the latter at least from my perspective. Vlog Rundschau and the current bush radio - travel inspirations not only for those who stayed at home! Here you can dive into the travel worlds with one click.

Vlog Rundschau and the current bush radio - travel inspirations not only for those who stayed at home!
jwala_overland are since January 2022 on the Trans Africa via the Western Route. Meanwhile they are back in Botswana, they crossed 17 countries and 35`000 travel kilometers - they contest one of the few remaining adventures of today. They are also listed on my list of all travelers on a transafrica over the west (since 2006).

Wild Viking Travels are on the road in Turkey. They communicate openly about budget, costs and socialmedia income, which makes it quite exciting especially for newcomers to the genre of travel vloggers.

Eva Beck had found out at the beginning of the year that she doesn't want to free-stand alone anymore, which led to a beautiful dog. The dog breed was not chosen small, carrying it into the roof tent in the evening was not so easy anymore.

As a result, the vehicle setup was changed from a roof tent to a folding roof. But now she found out that "standing alone" does not happen that often. The Panamericana is quite well-trodden and the journey can also have a party character. The caravan is heading north, still worth seeing in my eyes.

I would have expected her to do "more" than just the Panamericana, but her journey is not yet complete.... 

Aufaufunddavon_ traveled the last months through Russia and are now in Iran. It is exciting to follow how the travelers are progressing. Neither noticing the "special operations" in Russia nor local protests in Iran, they are currently on the road in Kashan. 

lange Reisen have been back home from Spain/Portugal, entertained us with a few weeks camping on the beach. Testing for us viewers but also Ecoflow batteries, solar panels , Starlink Internet - quite entertaining.

Now they are back on tour for a few weeks in north ways - great pictures, droneshots, catching fish, insights into the board kitchen and good entertainment! Openly you also report on bankruptcies and mishaps - unfortunately this also includes the use of Starlink outside the actual coverage. But, this week the cable arrived in the mail - and the tests were sporadically successful. 

Let's get otter here are still on European tour, have currently pilgrimaged from Spain to Portugal. As a virtual travel guide, they show the beautiful and not so beautiful sides of the countries traveled. Unbelievable that the two are still on the road, we reported now already longer about the two, which have already traveled before Corona with their camper van the Silk Roads. 

Sprintour are just starting their Panamericana, here I am new with entered. If you look at the different profiles, you already have a certain reach - and produce your content in the appropriate quality.

Hunters Of The Horizon are now on the road in Sweden. Here's foodporn to watch and some tricks for board cooking. Did they actually bring a fragile tajine!!! 

News Corner: Of course there is also some bush radio outside of the above channels. The east route of Africa is getting more risky. An Ebola outbreak in Uganda is already leading to regional lockdowns. And on the border with Ethiopia, the first overlanders are stranded who, according to new regulations, no longer receive a TIP or get their carnet stamped. You should now pay a deposit of 50% of the vehicle value (link). Hopefully not the planned handling and a stray - I will report.

The channels thrive on their reach, clicks, likes and comments. They all appreciate a new follower, a nice comment, a click - you can promote the ones you like! Use Subtitles with the translater for those vlogs in a foreign language. The article is also available in german language.

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