Vlog - Newsroom: Current bush radio #2

Vlog Rundschau and news-room and the current bush radio - travel inspirations not only for those who stayed at home!

Not everyone has the time to watch the VLogs (Youtube channels or Instagram accounts) of the protagonists in full length. Therefore, here comes a condensed update, with the highlights - the latter at least from my perspective. Here you can dive into the travel worlds with one click.

Levi & Leah travel USA & Mexico with a Prius with rear tent attachment. They have now been on the road for 3 months and with their room tour they offer a great insight into their setup. They also report on which investments have paid off and which have not. Board battery, cool box, cooker - yes, the complete overlanding setup also fits in a Prius.. And that with a large battery box & cool box! Her parents also travel with a similar Overlanding Prius setup - the whole thing has to be called "tested".

Philippe and Adelina are touring Europe, currently in the Georgia & Turkey region. With their vehicle, they exceeded the time they were allowed to stay in Georgia (90 days) and are struggling at the border with leaving the country. Great videos, short information about the travel destination - I will travel with you from now on!

Eva Beck is again spending a few days alone with her dog in the wilderness. And locates her decision not to want children of her own as the reason for her relationship situation. I think that leaves a lot of room for further self-reflection! I've also thought about the fact that traveling has opportunity costs.

Lange Reisen show that it is better not to "bake" in the vehicle with the portable oven solutions, especially if you have a mobile hob, the smoke development is sometimes not without it. The shown shower with heat exchanger for auxiliary heating is really great!

Sprintour help their spectators to decide if a 4x4 drive is necessary or not. Heavily loaded free standing with only one driven axle - a damp meadow is enough. If I pay attention to the rattling noises when driving, I would recommend AT tires and adjusted air pressure! Maybe you'll read along here and improve your setup?

The travelers mentioned here and their channels live from their reach, clicks, likes and comments. They are all happy about a new follower, a nice comment, a click - you can support those you like. Let the ad run once or click on it - don't break our crown!

Vlog Rundschau and the current Buschfunk - travel inspiration not only for those who stayed at home!
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News Corner:

Update on the TIP /Carnet situation when entering Ethiopia for a Transafrica via East route:
An Overlander reported: The border vehicle deposit was paid upon entering Metema and was NON-refundable upon exiting Moyale. The total was $50 on the bike but manageable

A total of 11 bikers are said to have queued up at the Ethiopian side of Metema and the border wanting their deposit back. With the motorcycle, the deposit will then be quite significant.

If you don't want to wait for the news corner to find out how and where I'm reading along - I've already reported on that.

Furthermore, since the beginning of 2022, numerous travelers in Russia, Iran and Iraq have been on the move again, food for the next #buschfunk!

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