What kind of papers do you need on your trip? For which countries do you need a visa and/or an ATA carnet? Which insurances are necessary and what kind of safety equipment do you have to carry in your car, one or two breakdowns triangles? Do you need vaccinations and where? Can you carry a pet during your journey? 

This main page will direct you to the specific articles of this blog containing answers to these questions. Since things are changing faster than we update this blog, the articles may not be completely up to date for every detail, but we will provide you with the links to help you find the most up to date information. And we will help you to organize it.

Several sources of informations are very valuable: travelblogs, vlogs, social media and even messenger groups which exists for specific areas. We will show you, how to get there.

Please try to help other travellers as well, it is easy to create a website and to show your research. Or keep them updated here, or at the webpages on which you found them, using the comment functionality!

This website brings tons of informations about international travelling by car. It is in wikistyle, so it is easy to get active and collaborate