WikiOverland - the wikipedia for vanlife!

In my eyes, this is the most mature project that supports us travelers in obtaining information for the "big trip".

The whole topic of "paperwork" is listed here in detail and accurately. From the fiche in Mauritania and Morocco to the number of warning triangles that need to be carried and helpful information on the countries to be visited.

The good thing is - it's really like regular Wikipedia. Anyone can edit, update and contribute information. It is now up to us travelers to feed the platform with the latest information.

It helps a lot for preparation: the usual bribery situations on the way and how one avoids these.

Who plans a world journey, has usually not the time this information to each travel country individually in the forums and other information sources to procure.

WikiOverland brings the most important information for the organization together in a few clicks.

There is also a competing product here - with its own data storage. It is intended more for general travel information - and not specialized for self-drivers.