Review: Helpful apps for wildcamping

Helpful apps for wildcamping like P4N and iOverlander has some disadventages. Review of Park4Night, iOverlander and Stayingfree
As you remember that I did wrote a small howto, how you can find a wildcamping spot by yourself.
Also severall Apps are helping us travellers for optaining a wildcamping spot nearby too. They are discussed different under us overlanders.

In many areas of the world the amount of vanlifers is growing fast. And not all are travelling like we all should: travelling without a trace.

So often all the more experienced travellers did hit a place where is covered partly with excrements and trash and arent happy about these apps, they regret to  made this spots visible to the public.

I also did start to collect new wildcamp spots just in countrys, where they really help us travellers in a foreign country. The calculation is easy: it is the amount of travellers who are made this places that dirty.

When you also got some experience you will also see, that it is better to look for an own place than these well known places. There you are never shure to spend the night alone, anytime another traveler can hit the same place and can need an hour for setting up his camp.
Helpful apps for wildcamping like P4N, iOverlander, stayingfree, nomandy

Park4Night (P4N) android / iOS
This App is mainly used to get a place for the night. Many Vanlife people are using this App who is very strong specially in europe. No app has a similar growth for new Users like these. You will find mostly wildcamping spots, but from time to time too some campgrounds against a fee.

iOverlander android / iOS
Helpful apps for wildcamping like P4N, iOverlander, stayingfree, nomandy
This App is done from travellers for travellers and covers the whole world. Not just wildcamp spots, the travellers did also add other very valuable POIs during their jorneys: garage/mechanics, water sources, gasstations, where to buy gas, police bribery points, laundry, campsites and so on. 

At the screenshots at the right you can see the comparison of near the same area. P4N is stronger in kind of more places, but they have too less value. iOverlander spots are cleaner and better if you try both.

Stayingfree android / iOS
Not many are using this App. It is the first app who allows to share waypoints just for selectable friends. So it could help against the abuse of those public spots. The Database is unknow, I didnt test it by myself, but it would be helpful to collect waypoints more privately.

Nomady (Switzerland only)
In switzerland you can now renting a wildcamp spot per night officially. Some farmers and land owners have now a plattform to rent their spots against a fee. Many of us travellers like to stay remotely in the nature, they dont intend to save bucks - this could be a win for both, land owner and traveller.

Farmstay (europe)
Helpful apps for wildcamping like P4N, iOverlander, stayingfree, nomandy
Here you can stay at a farm mostly for free, your children can enjoy the animals. And the farmes would like if you buy some stuff at their shops. Here you can find deeper informations: farmstay in europe

General Hints
Please help to keep this places open! Use a spade to dig in the excrements, take your trash with you. It is up to us what will happens. In Portugal, europe it is forbidden to sleep in the car since 2021, since the parking lots was full of trash afterwards.

These Apps named above are helpful, if you arent able to find a decent wildcamp spot at your own, because you are late and it is getting dark, or if you just had no luck. The comment function of these Apps are helpful to see how the recent experiences was there at this wildcamp spots. You should read then, to be prepared. Not in each country ist staying wild allowed, and for the officials it is easy to catch those who are always on that same spot...

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