How to avoid that Datacrawlers can catch you

How to live an anonymous live at the internet

Your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can see everything you do online. They can track things like which websites you visit, how long you spend on them, the content you watch, the device you're using, and your geographic location.

Google can see additional (google analytics) what you do at work, at holidays, on your other devices, your Mail contenct (if using gmail), your location and the locations you are search for. Know exactly who you are. Knows it anyway if you use your clearname anywhere in the web.

Facebook knows what you share and the people you interact with on Facebook and on your Phone (Whatsapp, Sim-Contacts).

It is always up to you, if you feed the datacrawlers like Facebook, Google, Apple or Microsoft. It is NOT about, if you are using them. It is always about how you use them.

Following this steps these Datacrawlers arent able to catch you directly.

  • Go at least to another country
  • Buy a Tablet/Smartphone with Simcard Slot against cash
  • Organice a anonymous bought simcard with some Data. (sent someone random for buying).
  • Go Online, get an Emailadress like GMX or Google (Feel free to use the Simcard as 2nd Factor)
  • Go Online, get an Paypal Account (Feel free to use the Simcard as 2nd Factor)
  • Sell something random against cash in the local ebay (alike) store for getting cash at  paypal.
  • Open a VPN provider Account, use your new email account, pay with paypal for x years in front.
  • Connect with VPN, set App to "Internet only with VPN connect". Set the country to the country you are currently in. 
  • Now you can open Accouts on Social Media and feel free to use your simcard to authenticate. Set any accounts to verify by email afterwards
  • Buy a Google/Apple Prepaid Store Valuecard against cash
  • Open an Account for beeing able to use the Appstore, use the Valuecard
  • Optain the Tor Browser. 
  • Optain any Apps who may use Simcard verify you like to use (only for services who are not able to be done by Tor browser directly (no social media). 
  • Use this tablet only for new Accounts. Not once you can login to your normal eMail account, not once you can add contacts out of your real life.
  • throw the simcard away, discable simcardslot and use wifi - with that tablet and just wifi using vpn.
  • Use only Tor Browsing and anonmous browser settings. Newer login to Email on the same device, otherwise google will catch you, without your exact data (what is not necessary to abuse you (rewatch social dilemma).
  • You can optain prepaid creditcards in severall countrys. You can even use Apple, Netflix, Cloud Services and so on - pretty anonymous.
Now you have an completetly anonymous Device who none of these Datacrawlers is able to know who you are. As long you dont use any exiting accounts! You can use Social Media and many Services completely anonymous, by creating them new. But just as long you dont connect or interact with any Friends out of your real life on that device. Dont add Social Media Friends, dont do any mail exchange with people you know on that Device. Dont use Dating-Apps with that Device and meet with persons who add your Number and Name on their Smartphone afterwards.

You should never interact on this Device with any existing Account who belongs to you. No Email, no Banking, no Web Communities. No shopping in online stores. Never interact without VPN Coverage (a decent VPN Provider with App (like Nord-VPN) is requiered.

This is for People who did care about this Datacrawlers and the Data they may collect about you. 

This is NOT (enough) for doing criminal activities, or doing journalistic work in countrys who fight against the free press (any country today, if we look at Assange / Snowden). So dont cry if you try both and fail.

I dont will deliver a deeper and more secured way than that described above. Don`t ask about, no matter how honest and serious your request will be.


It is not so hard to optain privacy like described above. It need a just a view hours in your next holidays and some cash. Is it worth to use the Internet that anonymous? I guess we all should, because this Datacrawler know more about us, than most of us about ourself.

How usable is such a Device? We cant use it for our past public identity. We cant use it to login at any Webcommunity in an existing account without doing exploiting ourself. But we cant register a new Account and never looking back.

This is not the only way to optain more privacy. But a way you proably can keep privacy over severall years. Just using a tor brower will just lead to a "feeling" of privacy, you will exploit yourself for shure.

Just use Apps where you dont can use the content by normal webbrowser, they arent protected like everything inside of the Tor browser window. 

But most of us will be too lazy to do that little work. It is funny that so many people are crying about any new Datacrawler/Datafeeder - but in reality most of them give a shit about their private data. Because they dont try to understand the whole thing.