Offroad Gear: 5 ways to save weight

5 ways to save weigh vanlife offroad overlanding

Many Travellers are carrying a lot of overweight through their extended Travels. Have to fight higher repair bills und breakdowns. And are less capable at muddy or sandy terrain, because they are just to heavy. They had to use the winch, because they did bring them with. There are some very easy ways to avoid such overweight. 

5 ways to save weigh vanlife offroad overlanding

                                                                                        Save 85kg

Tyre Repair Kit:  As we have to save weight we should just carry one spare tyre with us. That looks a bit risky for travelling abroad. But with a tyre repair kit you can carry a Plan B.) without a lot of weight. You save 50kg for the Rim and Tyre, another 35kg for the rear tyre holder.

Tyre repair kit:

                                                                                        Save 50kg

5 ways to save weigh vanlife offroad overlanding

Winch alternative: Instead of mounting an heavy winch with rope and a mounting-kit there a newer products on the market who is a lightweight alternative. You can too save the weight of the belonging recovery gear, you still need whith carying a winch..

And yes, you can even recovery backwards with bogout. Depening on your terrain you should consider a twin set or carying diff locks.


                                                                                Save around 65%

5 ways to save weigh vanlife offroad overlanding

Air Jack (6 kg) can replace an bulky and heavy Hi-Lift Jack with 15kg. It is maybe not the device which you can use 50 times, but we travellers usually dont had to recover ourself that often. You also will save the Hi-Lift monting-Kit. 

At sandy terrain it is also a nice device for vehicle recovery. 

Air Jack:

                                                                                Save around 70%

5 ways to save weigh vanlife offroad overlanding
Air compressor: We all would usually take the bigger device who is able to inflate a tyre quicker. To get quality. This dont work for us travellers. We have to save weight and space. We should look for the smallest device who is able to do the job: Smallest Quality Device it the Viair 88P Compressor. I did bought it after the ViAir 440p who is better in any way, but overdone for travel purpose... 

Air Compressor: If you are an solo traveller and not in hurry - then a Tyre Deflate Kit is proably enought too. You can refill air often somewhere nearby...

                                                                                Save around 70%

Side Awnings. There are different brands around with different capabilities. Proof if you can live at example with a safari awning from howling moon. They add just 6kg instead of 20kg out like a foxwing or swing arm. That is a lot of weight at a very bad point to add them. 

They are easy to setup and solid. 

Side Awning:

To travel lightweight next time, many travellers did adress directly after theyr journey at theyr vlog, blog or website. I think with the stuff adressed above we travellers can life with. Yes, not everything is better than that we did replace it - but saving space and weight, let us travel more relaxed!

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  1. To carry a lightweigt battery jumpstart kit insread of those jumpstart cables too did save space and weight!

  2. Instead of an awning I carry a 3x4m tarp which is connected with a piping strip. Together with some variable poles this setup weights about 3 kg and can be taken to the beach if necessary . Thus sparing the additional weight of a parasol.


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