Paso Mayer - from O`Higgins to Argentina (routa 40) by 4x4

Paso Mayer - from O`Higgins to Argentina (routa 40) by 4x4

The most southern crossing between Argentina and Chile is one of these adventures by 4x4 who is not well  known. You had to drive over the paso Mayer. Below you can see a Video of these border crossing! Too bad that I didnt know about, as I was there at 2015! 

For that purpose we did write this blog here, to collect and provide those informations for other travellers! We was even in o`Higgins and not even detect the track leg who is leading to argentina. 

But let us see, if this Track is worth to consider at the first place:
Paso Mayer - from O`Higgins to Argentina (routa 40) by 4x4

The Movie shows the beauty of the landscape and too the challange of the track, what should have be done with 2 cars for your own safety. The movie shows us too the limitations of a heavy vehicle in direct comparison. And the movie is another example to show us travellers, why carrying a drone is nice - if you use them. These guys was playing with the water too - you dont have to use all of these showed crossings...  ;-)

At iOverlander, one app of our list of the most important travelling apps we can find some basic Informations about Paso Mayer: You can find this description:
Paso Mayer - from O`Higgins to Argentina (routa 40) by 4x4

Walking / horse crossing only. We asked the gauchos and border cops if we could make it but the river is huge unable to be crossed by car. There is 20km of 'no roads' on the Argentinian side. Still, Makes a nice 50km drive from Villa O'Higgins and we saw heaps of possible wild camps along the way. Very scenic and with the copec in Villa petrol is not a problem.

And another comment gives some information too: 

Apparently it becomes passable starting around mid-january until mid-september when the weather gets colder and the river carry less glacial water. 

So mostly you just find bike travellers who report about this border, maybe that one reason why we overlanders didnt know about. Or at least it is not well known. Here we go:

Nicholas // onemanbike // alaska2patagonia  (Here you can even find the GPX and KML Files for his trip)

So why this not so known border crossing is worth to consider? Most of us travellers who visit o Higgins will use the same track to drive up again. It is beautiful but with ferry crossings and road working it uses a lot of time too.  This way you can safe some travelling time, miles and fuel!

This way you get more options, for the case that the border crossing is possible at the time you are there. What depends on the temperature and the amount of rainfall.

If you are coming from the north you can drive at examply the complete carretera austral, the Chile's route 7. It runs south for about 1,240 kilometers (770 mi) from Puerto Montt to Villa O'Higgins, passing through rural Patagonia. Now you can drive directly from o`Higgins to Argentina, and can reach the famous ruta 40 directly. 

The Article is also available in german language: Offroad Abenteuer im Süden von Chile