The mobile electric Dishwasher

Portable mobile dishwasher - dish washer with energy saving and less water usage

Portable mobile dishwasher - dish washer with energy saving and less water usage
Today I did detect a really valuable piece of technology, if it will ever hit the market. Capsule, the portable dishwasher without any installation. Energy efficient, quick and with less water usage it can clean your dishes, washing your vegetables or use UV for disinfection of your mobile. Or even more for tiny houses and houses without an embedded dishwasher.

Capsule seems to be perfect for all RV and Camping vehicles out there! We all know how much water we did use everythime just for washing the dishes for two persons. And we know how much soap we did use.This device could save a lot.

If we look deeper into this Crowdfunding Procjet we find a lot of useful and unique ideas who comes together.

Usually I dont write about articles a lot, who are not on the marked yet. The so called "crowd funding" can always lead to a complete loss of your investment too. So be always careful with your cash! I hope it will come to the market as the founders did plan it.

Portable mobile dishwasher - dish washer with energy saving and less water usage

The Kickstarter Crowdfuning is closed since the 16.6.2021, but people to wants to join can still do that at Indiegogo

Project links:  Kickstarter and Indiegogo

In my eyes the much higher price at Indiegogo isnt worth to take the risk anymore. I dont expect to see that high price on the normal market, soon the unit is global available. But who knows, probably I`m wrong.

Personally I did take the "adventure" crowdfunding twice in my life. Both did deliver ectremely delayed. I did invest 600$ for the Ecoflow R600pro what was a very nice deal at the end. Because you cant even buy the advanced battery technology with lifepo4 today - just the cheaper lithium device.

My second Investment was more risky - I did invest 2`200$ into an unkown company for getting two ebikes, the smallest and lightweight foldable ebike of the world. Severall times I tought my money is vanished - but they did arrive and I did drive over 1`000 miles since then. Not the same specs than pronounced, but a nice deal. That the company dont exist anymore 2 years later, what can lead to trouble for spares later. Till today nothing better is on the market.

Decide yourself, if that is an success or not and be careful. Crowdfunding is risky and you should be willing to do a complete writeoff. Be aware that a repair probably never will be an option....