Offroad capabilly comparison of a modern SUV in stock condition

What can you do with a brand new suv in stock condition? With the tyres who comes with? In this SUV Battle I did found on Youtube - severall brand did fight the same track. Each one right as he was bought, with original tyres and rims. 

The comparison consists of Land Cruiser 200, Mercedes GLS 450, Lexus LX 570, QX80, Range Rover, BMW X7, Mercedes G63 in direct comparison It even looks like, that they didnt adjust the tyre pressure for this test.

At the Community they did try to do the same, with their modded rigs to see how those electric helpers work in comparison to manual difflocks:

They did an amazing job! Join the discussion there,you find tons of useful informations and discussions over there!

Probably you remember my Toyota Crawl Funktion Article in my Blog in german lanuage? It was so funny to watch how a Toyota did selfrecovery even after getting stuck in sand.

Modern vehicles are pretty capable, even in stock configuration. Myself I was impressed what they did show us here. I never thought about doing offroad stuff with road tyres and not at least AT Tyres!