Did risky purchases - but it ended well

At least once a year I did invest in Crowdfunding Projects, where you did not know if, and what exactly will be delivered later. It is everytimes something what was not available on the normal market, like the tinyiest ebike, or the ecoflow LiFePO4 battery.

Sometimes I even bought very expensive stuff, I did`nt know how good it will work at the end. 

But more often I do buying stuff from sources, which arent the place for quality. But sometimes there is stuff which is pretty good for doing the job. Here I will show just my successful bought stuff. 

A cheap but very good usb-c docking station
Since I had to worked from home during covid, I was looking for a USB-C Dockinstation for connecting two monitors to my notebook. In Switzerland any Solution was at 250$ upwards, so I did give the BlitzWolf® BW-TH12 14-in-1-Dockingstation a try.  It works better than my expensive Lenovo Dockingstation I have to use in my office! Regardless Mac/PC - it is working fine! I did not test to use the harddrive functionality. Buy the right Power Adapter for your country seperately or use a travel adapter. 

A perfect buy for under 80$ at Bangood

electric image stabilisator stabilisation binocular

Is the optical image stabiliser in this Canon 12x36 IS III Binoculars worth to buy? We all allready knows  how big the gap is between the videos of cheap drones and those with 3d gimbal. It was one of my most expensive purchases for give something a try. 

It is amazing, you will never ever like to use something else! It will blow your mind to get past those shaky experiences and to get a crispy clear image! 

Lucky me that it doenst get stolen at the car break in in Peru during my journeys!

You don`t will regret the 700$ buy: Amazon

emergenzy survival hand crank power generator

This Emergency hand crank 12v/5v Power Generator is able to charge your Powerbank or directly your smartphone in a emergency or survival condtion. Yes, it works pretty well. A completed discharged iPhone 12pro did start after 4minutes. Near similar when using a 110v/220v Wallplug. I still hope never have to used it!

I did buy it for 45$ at Bangood, but it is also available at Amazon

smart mini aquarium with smartphone app

My probably crazyest buy was this xiaomi mini smart 8 liter aquarium. It is a perfect tiny ecospehere, wher you can use plants to keep the water nice. As long as you just add 4-5 neon tetra fishes the plant and the filter are able to keep up the water quality for ages. It is smart and you can use your smartphone to adjust food feeder, water pump. 
I am using it for decoration and for quarantaine new fishes, before they come into my normal aquarium. Attention: there is no heater embedded at the mini aquarium!

I did buy it for 130$ at Bangood

Transparency information: with some of these links to shops I receive a commission. It doesn't cost you a surcharge.