Libya - first 4x4 overlanding trips in 2021

It is so nice to see Overlanding in Libya is not impossible anymore! As I got an invition to a sponsored 4x4 tour in Libya at may 2021 I was so happy! 
Unfortunatelly the timeframe was too tight to our longterm planned engagement jouney with my fiancĂ© - so we wasnt able to join the invation. 

It is the first time in my blogging life that I did got such kind of an invitation. A sponsored and organized Libya overlanding trip did sounds very nice. The organizers hope for a revival of tourist activities. Especially also for us overlanders.

Even if I could not be there - it is still nice to see first pictures: To my surprise not first on travel blogs or socialmedia:

The entry was via Tunisia (Dehiba-Wazen border crossing). I am afraid that I would not be able to repeat the trip privately so soon - without a highly official invitation in advance.

Here are some pictures what did come with the invition:


So we can look forward to some fresh pictures, videos, in various travel blogs, vlogs and on socialmedia.

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