Bob - the mini electric dishwasher

The Vanlife dishwasher, dishwashing machine, dishwasher, automatic dishwasher or camping dishwasher for`s overlanding.

A small economical dishwasher for vacation apartments, apartments, cottage, houseboat and motorhome, is there such a thing? Quite unexpectedly last weekend in an Airbnb apartment we discovered the above treasure: BOB

Height 49 cm
width 34 cm
Depth 49 cm (with connections)
1000W power consumption, under 4L of water per wash.

The power consumption seems to be manageable even in solar-powered island washes. At the manufacturer, you can purchase matched cartridges of detergent that last 30 washes, or dose and add detergent yourself.

We were invited to dinner, but we have the quite portable dishwasher but also wanted to test we had breakfast the next morning in our home on time. To our surprise, the result was quite satisfactory - the glasses, plates and omelet pan were clean again.

You can buy the Bob mini dishwasher here:

On the manufacturer's site you could save 10 euros, but then I appreciate protection on the part of Amazon regarding delivery / warranty.

As always, there are of course efforts to sell great products slightly modified as a new crowdfunding campaign. But in terms of warranty, repairs and also in terms of price, it is questionable whether this is the more suitable source of supply, especially since crowdfunding itself brings its own risk.

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