World Risk Map - where do we need to clarify the security situation?

The World Travel Risk Map 2022 visualises in which regions it is worthwhile to check the security situation more deeply.

If you always follow the recommendations of such portals and the recommendations of the German Foreign Office and Bemeia and EDA (Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs), you will never be able to drive a Trans-Africa, Silk Road or Pan-American Highway. And yet, even during the pandemic, some travellers are on the road and make it unharmed.

Past incidents with travellers often showed that they had not dealt with the local circumstances at all and had travelled unabashedly even to high-risk areas.

In my opinion, these reports do not do any harm because travellers really have to deal with the situation on the ground. You have to be able to assess the security and danger situation yourself if you still want to travel to such regions.

Contacting other travellers and the social media channels of the travel region or route, studying local online media or contacting the operators of hotels, campsites, workshops or expats and journalists can be further useful sources of information.

It is also worth enquiring in local travel forums, or in the local 4x4 club.

Here you can scroll much more finely through your intended itinerary or countries on the world map above:

If you enter an area classified as "extreme high-risk area" on the map without further research, you are somehow already trying to apply for the Darwin Award... So it is worthwhile to go to a proven travel agency like Seabridge, for the very inexperienced travellers...