Vanlife off-grid battery solution with solar power

The portable Ecoflow Delta2 LiFePO4 battery box is the perfect solution for vanlife and motorhome conversions.

Finally it's here, the perfect portable battery box for us travellers. Whether in an off-road vehicle, bus, van or camper van - this battery is a very good basis for energy supply and charging management in a travel vehicle. Everything is included inside of the Delta2, from MPPT Solar Charger, 220v Inverter, Wallcharging and so on, you  just had to plugin what you want. 

Key data:

  • 1024 Wh battery (expandable with additional batteries)
  • 400 x 211 x 281 mm (length x width x height)
  • 12 kg Weight
  • LiFePO4 battery: Lifetime: after 3,000 cycles up to 80+ % capacity
  • Informative battery monitor (display & app)
  • 5 years warranty
How to charge the Delta2 
  • Cigarette lighter socket (100 Watt)
  • 220v shore power 1200 watts (0 to 100 % in 80 minutes.)
  • Solar Charge Controller: 500 watts (11-60 V, 15 A)
  • by optional DC-DC Orion booster with 240 watts (set-up instructions (use subtitles!)
  • via DC-DC Votronic-Booster with 360 watts  (optimized for Euro 6 vehicles)
What can the Delta2 power up?
  • 2x USB-C with 100 watts
  • several USB-A connections
  • 4x 220v sockets 1800-2400 Watt
  • 12v cigarette lighter socket 12.6V 10A (126w Max)

Buy: Ecoflow Delta2 purchase price 1199 euros <---

With this battery box, nothing stands in the way of cooking with induction hobs or running a normal coffee maker - that's what I call "Power-Full!" As already known from the other Ecoflow battery boxes, you can also control the device via APP at any time and control individual sockets, get insight into the current consumption & charge.

This means that the Ecoflow Delta2 can also be installed in a somewhat hidden location and does not have to be directly accessible. Of course - the battery is not quiet, especially if you recharge with 1200W via shore power or the inverter has to deliver 2000w via 220v. 

The perfect power supply for vanlife and overlanding! Perfect for bus/van conversion. Battery, solar generator, 220v inverter, shore power - all combined and embedded in one unit!

You can already find numerous reviews and analyses on Youtube - this thing powers pretty much everything. And according to the graph above - quite enduring, too!

So all those who had skipped the Ecoflow River Pro LiFePO4 crowdfunding campaign should now get a good deal after all. 

Useful accessories:

We have previously reported on the high workmanship and manufacturing quality of Ecoflow products here: The teardown of an Ecoflow Delta Pro.

For larger motorhomes and trucks, I would currently go for the crowdfunding campaign by Bluetti on Indigogo, the AC500 & B300s - this is easily sufficient for the power supply of an expedition vehicle. The batteries are also heated independently, should the temperatures require it.

The risk of crowdfunding seems to me to be even greater with this offer - but it is still there! But Ecoflow also has something interesting in its portfolio with the Power Kits

But without a high power requirement, for example through the operation of a stationary air conditioning system, the Ecoflow Delta2 presented here should easily be able to cover the requirements of touring vehicles on its own - but a small market overview of current and upcoming products - is simply also part of such a blog post. 

We have already written an article on how to supplement the power system of an existing touring vehicle with a battery box. 

I and other readers are happy to receive tips on other products, solutions and DIY projects - please feel free to mention them in the comments. This Article is also available in german language.

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  1. Videos about using it with a washing machine:

    And how to use it inside as house feed electricity:

    Both in german language, use translater subtitles in youtube!


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