Buschfunk #6: The Vlog Travel Review

#Buschfunk #Rundschau #Vlog-News #Overlanding #Vanlife // Vlog Rundschau and the current Buschfunk - travel inspirations not only for those who stayed at home!

NextMeridian.Expedition exchanged their Defender for a Land Cruiser for a day, giving a good insight into the two different travel setups. It was interesting to see how they adapted to the change. Looking back, I now realize how much better the travel comfort was in the Land Cruiser 200, as both vehicles, especially on rough roads, had rattling noises in every corner...that's something you have to get used to.

Conquest Overland shows us the beautiful side of Alaska, and the Kenai Peninsula immediately captivated me. As viewers, we can get more than just an impression of the overlanding experience with a roof tent, and how it fares in different weather conditions.

The Film People have already reached Gambia on their Trans-Africa trip via the West route. Their experiences are still exciting to follow, and what is not shown offers insight into the travel behavior of the younger generations to come.

Mankei Travel drove through Turkey, the Caucasus, Iran, Kuwait, and finally arrived in Oman. The videos also show the connections that were made along the way, and a diverse group traveled together for certain sections. Great insights - I would love to visit Oman myself! You can see their travel route on the right-hand side.

Passport Diary is a vlog that I enjoy following because Paul is simply a very likable person who customizes and travels in vehicles, and reports about his experiences. Today, I'm linking his video about his profession and income as a so-called vlog "content creator" - it's exciting, honest, and offers you readers a very deep insight.

Maintaining a video blog is a lot of work. If you enjoy the content, travelers appreciate a like, channel subscription, or comment. This motivates creators to keep reporting. Sometimes we feature young channels that have not yet been able to generate substantial revenue.

News Corner - News from the Buschfunk of long-distance travelers:

In W├╝schi, I discovered travelers who are traveling relatively autonomously through Algeria, which is fantastic news that more is now possible. The daily blogging here is undoubtedly addictive.

There are also further details for Ethiopia on the necessary agency/tour operator costs. Two travelers independently mentioned the following amounts for traveler 1 and traveler 2, with details about the possible process:

The Ethiopia crossing with a guide: $500 sponsorship, $300 car permit, $40 per day with a minimum of 7 days. This appears to be a pure billing model, as travelers reported that they could travel within Ethiopia without a guide after the first 7 days.

One can also save the $800 (sponsorship and permit), but the outlined workaround with entry without a car, depositing $14k in Addis, and then still needing a guide - the rumors also offer humorous anecdotes. Current numbers can be found to bypass Ethiopia in a container.

Details on the situation and circumvention options can also be found in previous Buschfunk contributions. This makes me describe the situation on the eastern route of Africa as relaxed again for several weeks.

We have already reported on the up-to-date online map of roadblocks in Peru.

I took the above picture in Bolivia, it's a quinoa field. Incredible colors! I must have been lucky because of the season; such beautiful colors seem to be rare.

#Buschfunk #Rundschau #Vlog-News #Overlanding #Vanlife

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