Buschfunk #9: The Vlog Vanlife Travel Review

Vlog roundup and the latest grapevine - travel inspiration not only for those who stayed at home!

Not everyone has the time to watch the Vlogs (YouTube channels or Instagram accounts) of the protagonists in their full length. That's why here's a condensed update with the highlights - at least from my perspective. Vlog roundup and the latest grapevine - travel inspirations not only for those who stayed at home! Here you can dive into the world of travel with just one click.

Alone On Adventure is in Honduras with a Land Cruiser Prado. Apart from Nigeria, I've never seen such a density of firearms in everyday life. Impressive pictures and drone footage that I haven't seen from Honduras before, at least not yet.

TravelCampingLiving are joining the grapevine for the first time. Kai shows us that you don't have to avoid challenging muddy tracks with a camper van. And Greece and off-roading - not a combination you see every day. Sprinter, MAN, Transit - it's fun to watch!

The Film People are on a journey through Nigeria with a Defender. As expected, the accompanying vehicle experiences a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. It's fascinating to see how they handle it and what conclusions they draw. Personally, I would prefer to travel alone with just one vehicle. They are already in Cameroon now.

This old Truck is currently traveling in Russia with their vintage truck. Great pictures, and we can also watch them troubleshoot technical issues. Vintage vehicles can be repaired almost anywhere, but they also tend to break down more often. From now on, we'll be traveling with them as well!

Vantastic Advanture is traveling full-time in Montenegro with their van (Crafter), and they do an exceptionally good job of capturing the landscape. With their name, they weren't quite as original when we consider the much older Vantastic Adventure channel. I'm curious to see if they can really establish themselves in the van life/overlanding segment with their very active product promotion and discount codes...

If you enjoy the videos, leave a like, a comment, or subscribe to the respective channel. Just watching already helps the travelers, but the described interaction helps them even more.

News Corner - News from the grapevine of long-distance travelers:

The Carnet can be obtained cheaper in some EU countries, as can be read in the Allrad LKW Forum, exciting for those who prefer to invest their money instead of making a deposit payment. The liability remains the same in the end, but depending on the issuing country, the high deposit or expensive bank guarantee may be waived.

The resurrection of the Stahlratte, which was able to ship motorcycles and bicycles around the Darien Gap, has unfortunately finally failed. Good for us with larger 4x4 vehicles, as finding a container buddy has now become somewhat easier, at least for the Darien Gap. The alternative of small boats is probably not an option for bikes, as we can read in the ADVrider Forum report.

Vlog roundup and the latest grapevine - travel inspiration not only for those who stayed at home!
Source FB, OE 2023
Vehicle Air freight over the Darien Gap! Vlog roundup and the latest grapevine - travel inspiration not only for those who stayed at home! Source FB, OE 2023 Now there is news that air freight over the Darien Gap is also possible, as seen on social media along with some photos. I asked about the prices for the shown vehicle and the possible insurances. 

A motorcycle weighing 320kg is said to cost $1,195.00. We eagerly await updates on this, the provider looks quite good at first glance, considering the reports on iOverlander or the Google Reviews, although they only review the shipping and not the air freight. I have placed my inquiry with this Swiss travelers on the Pan-American Highway.

Having a reliable partner for shipping, air freight, vehicle purchase/sale, or repairs in Panama would be great news for all travelers on the Pan-American Highway. The cover photo is from our journey in South America, from northern Peru. The perfect sunset for our grapevine!

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