Route Planning

Route-Planning: from waypoints to a decent track
How do we plan such an extended trip? How do we get the right timeframe to travel so that we dont hit the rainy season in africa or the monsun in india? Or the burning season in Thailand or Laos? How we know what we should visit and what is not worth to consider?

Some of us do just start with near no preparation, others has a pretty detailed plan including the timeframe. How you can start, has a lot to do with the most valuable thing: enough time. With an extended timeframe you can travel slow, you can wait 3-4 weeks till a shipment is organiced as example. 

You can travel that slow, that you can talk with others, collecting ideas what to visit out of personal experiences of people you meet during your trip. Others has to do a tighter plan, if they want to get most out of a 3 month trip.

If you read Books, Travelblog or vBlogs about people who wrote about their extended journey, most wrote about, that they hope to be able to travel slowly. Better looking in detail, enjoy what you get instead of eating kilometers and looking what else is there to see. Guess it is worth to focus about that testimony, if you start your own research.

Start to collect Places you did like out of vLogs, travelling blogs or websites, like showed below. It is helpful for see that places you did like and dont regret afterwards about point you did miss unintentionally.

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What extended travel routes are out there? How do they looks like? Where can I get some starter informations about this routes?

Route-Planning: from waypoints to a combined decent track