Offroad self recovery: Waffle board and recovery tracks comparison

The Overland Journal did test severall Waffleboards and Sandladders at 2009. On the Expeditionsportal the Article is offline today - but the Youtube Video is still there.

12 Years later are many new player on the market - and most Travelers did choose those waffle boards today. Maxtrax, Tred, Aldi - and a lot cheap clones are on the market. Here is the Video of some guys who try to abuse those recovery tracks and waffle boards. 

They Video gives a good idea about the quality of those recovery boards. We travellers usually dont abuse our material that strong. We just want some recovery help in deep sand or mud - where most of those devices would be helpful.

The Video shows us, that the more expensive recovery boards are stronger and will serve us longer. Specially the Maxtrax, Maxtrax pro and Tred Pro did a fantastic job there. 

It is up to you what to choose! If you like some more offroad action during your travels, we would strongly suggest a set of Maxtrax or Tred Pro:  You can find them too on Amazon:


Tred Pro:

Specially if you didnt equip a winch to your vehicle, we would suggest to buy quality, if this recovery board is your only self recovery device!

For all they are just travelling and may need help sometime at the beach or on a muddy part of a track - they may even take one of those cheapies, specially if you  did use 33" MT or bigger tyres and a winch and a well equiped revovery gear instead.

You may find the discussion at about those cheapies helpful. Here you find another recovery track comparison in German language from 2020.

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