Unkown little helpers for vanlife and overlanding

little helpers for vanlife and overlanding. Helpful items for outdoor activity and camping

You know them, the little helpers that are nowhere on a packing list, but which would be missing right if you do not have them. Not really a secret, but they're so obvious that no one mentions them.

Small mostly cheap items that everyone has - but in the compilations often missing. Of course, much depends on the particular use case - or your travel setup - whether that is then equally helpful for your case.

The list differs significantly from the lists of others, not only because the respective use case is also mentioned, also my travel and outdoor experience play into this.

little helpers for vanlife and overlanding. Helpful items for outdoor activity and camping
The rubber mallet: without it I can't get the barbecue pole into the ground, nor a peg hammered in if the wind blows around the awning or tent. Comes with a helpful peg remover.

Also, the electric fly swatter must not be missing, because there are sometimes just 1-2 wasps that can otherwise spoil the outdoor breakfast. Comes with usb-charging...

Was flown to me by my girlfriend in their luggage when mine broke on the road on the Panamericana....

A lighter with a long handle, so that you no longer always burn your fingers on the stove or fire.

Two small spray bottles. One bottle just water, one stocked with biodegradable soap - helps quite impressively with saving the rare water! Different colored heads helps to know what is inside!

A very quiet fan with battery always helps exactly where you need it. In hot summer nights in the tent or travel vehicle, it runs silently at the lowest level and helps a fine breeze.

Ultralight towel with small pack size for the beach, river or lake. Normal towels unfortunately take up simply too much space in an acceptable size. 

A good headlamp with adjustable light intensity and focus helps when washing up at night - but also to be able to better classify a noise at night at a distance of 200m - this headlamp is also a great floodlight when needed.

little helpers for vanlife and overlanding. Helpful items for outdoor activity and camping
After many 12v cigarette usb car charger with the iPad/iPhone were overwhelmed in the long run, we have become happy with this car charger with 3 ports and real supporting of quick charge 3.0 and gives you 30w. 

Who often times camped in nature, will not every time the useful folding toilet set up. Here, a quality folding spade helps to bury the leftovers. Unfortunately, comparatively expensive - but he now performs many years with us his service, even in the harder off-road use or wen one has got stuck in the snow. 

Especially when traveling, after a long period of travel, you like to find the conviviality in a hostel or with friends. A good silk sleeping bag protects you from bed bugs or other hygienic issues or helps your host because he does not have to wash everything again.

little helpers for vanlife and overlanding. Helpful items for outdoor activity and camping
A compact wash bag / toilet bag only for the most important things does not help when brushing your teeth to have things handy. I lugged my normal toiletry bag for years - the reduction was very relieving and just more practical.

A folding saw helps make fall wood transportable during the day for the evening campfire. If the fire is already burning, then it can be done without saws - convenience can also be a factor here.

A backpack for the spare tire at the rear (if available) helps to transport firewood or can also function as a garbage bag. Carries in the terrain also times the already mounted tow rope for easier access.

little helpers for vanlife and overlanding. Helpful items for outdoor activity and camping
Even a survival specialist would gratefully resort to kindling cubes (Instant Fire Starter) after a rain and wet firewood. So you won't break a bone when using them! These plain white kerosene cubes work better than the brown alternatives.

You've probably already thought of common items like a pocket knife, a pepper spray or an indirect light for the camp?

Please add more helpers via the comment function, or reply in the forums if the article is presented there. I will test and review it - and probably list them here too!

So much for the little helpers. What is really important when traveling - we did start to discuss here.

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