Important decisions for extended travels

What is the best thing you bought for Overlanding? This question you can read a lot in the web. Mostly it is full of sponsored links to stores. What they all dont mention is, what you need addtional, before all of this gear starts to get important.

What gear is important, has a lot to do with the kind of travel vehicle you did choose. From travelling by truck, to rv, pickup and cabin, to a van - the requirements will change completely. So we had to go through step by step.

The vehicle itself will define a lot, if we have a comfy living space, outdoor living will happens rarely. Travelling with a SUV everything will happen outside, cooking, living, daily live. This expericence will be different in a 25m2 truck like showed in the picture.

Please always try to take care about to travel lightweigt, to reduce repairs, fuel usage, material stress and expensive penaltys from the cops on your yourney. What is really important for extended jorneys?

1.)  To sleep comfortable (dont matters where  - but it has to be equal or better than at home)

Doesnt matters if you are a weekender or on a extended journey, you will use it aprox. 7h a day and if your back hurt, you dont will be able to enjoy it further.

2.)  A comfortable and safe rig

A modern vehicle with a good noise cancellation and security features like ESP and Airbags will give you a comfortable ride. A rig who is able to carry everything your ego told you to carry, and still is capable and quiet after modding. Much more important than any gear if you plan to travel extended. 

3.)  comfortable camp environment  (seats / table)

If the outdoor/indoor seats are shitty also the trip isnt enjoyable (starts to get more important as longer you travel, starts after 8days ongoing overlanding). Too the table has to give you a good place for food prepartion and lunch/dinner

4.)  Kitchen / Dish washing

You will prepare food daily and you habe to wash the dishes afterwards - this equipement has to be good and useful.

5.) Storage

You need a good storage structure so that you dont search everything each time. 

6.) Water Sourcing

You need something to store it, easy accesable, easy to refill. Washing your hands, dishsed, wash vegetables, your shoes. Decice early in planning stage, how you will transport, use it, refil it.

7.) a (12v compressor) fridge

A fridge will give you many more food options, not just cold beer. From butter, sausage, cheese, salmon, bacon, cheese, ham and milk to nice steaks. Take one with a thermal shell to reduce energy usage.

8.) Self-Sufficiency

Everything wo let you stay severall days remotely, bring you time for enyoing the surrounding. So what you need for be able to stay 5 nighs at a beautiful remote spot? 

    • Solar Power
    • Food (Water, Beer, Meat)
    • Toilet (to dig a hole is just for very remote areas...)
    • Shower -  will get more important, as longer you plan to stay at the same place, or travelling to remote places (without a sea, river or other natural options)

So if you did choose an rv, who did bring bed, seats, table and a kitchen - you probably dont need it separately. Probably it will limit the roads you would like to cross, so you had to get a good balance of required comfort and your travel plans. 

There are many opions around to find the perfect fit as travel rig. Small, medium big size vehicles, trailers, roof top tents - try a lot before you choose! 

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