Overlanding with Eva zu Beck

When it comes to overlanding and reach, Eva zu Beck has no equal. 1.27 million YT subscribers, 350,000 video views for those who are not often called up, often over 4-5 million views. 

I have watched 2-3 videos, and there is also quickly clear what their success is based on: Especially the newer stuff is very professional and filmed with a beautiful and personal intensity.

And of course she didn't grow up with the topic of overlanding, but has only been on tour with her Defender for 4 months. Her range she won through but yet with the theme of travel as such.

And quite deservedly so. Her videos are entertaining and very professional. She shoots her stuff alone and always manages to give us viewers deeper insights into life on the ground. From life in the Carpathian remote mountain villages and farms. 

Speak there, as most of us with their 4x4`s usually just drive by, because of the two weeks of vacation - with arrival / departure anyway not so much time. 

It was exciting to follow their entry into the world of overlanding, from vague plan to implementation, to the first night and their only slowly developing culinary cravings. With only pasta, many here would have resigned early on.

With Eva zu Beck, a successful vblogger starts her overlanding adventure.

How big the reach of Eva is - for this you have to put her data in comparison to the "big" of the vlogging travelers from the German and international overlanders. 

Dan Grec was so far the overlander with the largest international reach I have discovered, in the German-speaking world are Tina and Dirk (Let's get otter here) who have earned a respectable reach with their contributions.

Comparison of some current overlanding travel protagonists:

Eva 1.27 million Youtube subscribers, 350`000-5.1 million views, 255 Patreons

Dan 48`100 Youtube subscribers, 3`500 - 140`000 views, 849 Patreons 

Otters 22`673 Youtube subscribers, 20`000-350`000 views, 0 patreons

Unfortunately, those who made it don't usually talk about money anymore, but in Eva's case we can assume that her 4K accident didn't affect her travel budget much. You can be curious about her further videos - she has worked out the freedom - to do what she likes to do. 

Here you can find her channels:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDTINI9skkeZNY2ZXnBqIkQ

Website: https://evazubeck.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evazubeck/?hl=fr

We can be curious whether the external effect of this range of million viewers. Will this entice even more people to the topic of overlanding - or will the rather open reporting lead to the viewers realizing that not everything is just beautiful here? 

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  1. There is little informativeness among vloggers. Graham Stephan has estimated his income with a similar number of followers/viewers as Eva at 119,500 euros per month:

    Whether the numbers are correct, is not verifiable.



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