App: Travelers Map - Meetup with other Travellers abroad

Travelers Map: how to meet other travellers easily

Travelers Map is a new App who allows easily to connect with other travellers. On a Mapview you see who is nearby.

With an intentional inaccuracy of 10km (without being centered) other travelers will be shown to you on Google-Maps. This is for the safety of the user and to prevent other travelers from suddenly appearing at your location. The app only activates the GPS briefly every three hours and thus does not consume much power.

If you click on a traveler, you can see their profile, their country of origin, name and vehicle, see the uploaded photos and contact them via chat - if you want to. Other users also see and can contact you accordingly.  In your profile you can introduce yourself and upload pictures: 

Travelers Map: how to meet other travellers easily

Being able to see and contact other travelers on the map is a huge advantage. No matter if you meet in person, you can for example exchange information about the current travel situation, worthwhile destinations, uncomplicated border crossings, visa situation and much more. Even with the current Corona Lockdown, this would have simplified communication between travelers in the area, from container sharing to accommodation.

Also for common activities one can get together, from China/Myanmar crossig to rafting, kayaking everywhere where it needs a few more people before the even tour is worth to start. 

Aslo Barbecuing together, a cozy get-together around the campfire, a beer, badminton or a card game - there are so many things that are fun in a larger group. Or in a larger round only becomes possible.

Please use the link above, because the developer is from french and the App is names exactly that way "Travelers Map" what mislead most of us to spelling errors.

I guess some travellers will find this App too helpful for dating purpose! I did wrote about many other alternatives to fight lonliness during vanlife and overlanding too. 


  1. This app is newly available under the name "Camper tribe". Unfortunately the new App is a bit buggy, I will review them soon they get out of the beta state!


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