Legal camping in the nature - an alternative to a campsite

legal cozy wildcamp-spots with campfire. A pitch alternative to camping and campsites completely private
The principle is simple: a website allows landowners to offer an exclusive pitch in nature for a fee. The landowner has an opportunity to earn extra money. The landowner decides himself about the daily fee and what he wants to offer. Only a pitch, or also electricity and water, WC, shower, fireplace, firewood, Internet.

A website operator provides a website, database, calendar function and credit card billing. He takes care of the maintenance of the data, takes care of reliable landowners, satisfied users. And he takes care of marketing, social media and gets a share of the fees.

We travellers have a good website, can see what is available on our desired date and secure our pitch via credit card booking, which is then available to us alone. We travellers are often frugal and can be self-sufficient in nature. Beautiful pitches without any infrastructure are also nice.
For us travellers in a bus / van / 4x4, this is a practical offer. We can comfortably search for a cosy pitch in nature at home, look at the photos, prices and availability and book with the credit card.

This is not a utopia, but a well-established business in Switzerland and Germany, for example. It would be a great business idea to ask the operators for a licence or partnership and offer it in your country.

legal cozy wildcamp-spots with campfire. A pitch alternative to camping and campsites completely private
various (US / Canada) offers

Here you can choose between different sources:

And too more winery or farm staying:

Here the welcome idea is best implemented - a great approach: 

Vanlifelocation (Europa)

Here you can find everything, Farmstay, Winery or just pitches. The website or additional App (iOS/Android) let you filter the nearby spots. And in addition to Germany, there are already offers in Switzerland, Denmark and Czechoslovakia.

The prices are at a fair level - we will be happy to test this for our readers in the near future!  

legal cozy wildcamp-spots with campfire. A pitch alternative to camping and campsites completely private
Nomady (Switzerland)

Here you will find the typical price premium for the high price island of Switzerland. The pitches cost between 30-65$. Here, too, you can easily search for pitches and book them by credit card.

It is worth booking the pitches about 10 days in advance so that there is still a good choice.

Hinterland Camp (Germany)
legal cozy wildcamp-spots with campfire. A pitch alternative to camping and campsites completely private

Great pitches between 17-30$- per night are available here. From exclusive secluded sites by rivers to a pitch at a farm with shower/WC.

Special pitches are available exclusively for VW buses.

Do you know similar websites for your contry? Please add them with an comment below, so that other readers can use them too! I will add them here after an review!

This is a great business idea and does not even require a great technical understanding if you agree on a franchise procedure with one of the existing providers. And we travellers would loves it, to have an easy way to get a really private camp experience. It is up to the landowner what he offers more. 

And we travellers would love to have an easy way to have a nice exclusive camp where we are not disturbed. The landowner has the opportunity to earn money and build up a real second financial pillar with, for example, a farm connection, farm shop, horses, riding and animal experiences. Win-win for all involved. And probably even a business opportunity for you?

If you have the financial background, you can develop such a website, database and credit card processing yourself... 

What other alternatives are there?

I also like to ask a farmer if I like an area, as outlined in "Overlanding during the lockdown". But that is usually spontaneous and cannot be planned as with the two offers above.
Of course, there are also other options in Europe, such as Landliebe, Espana Discovery, France Passion, which I have already presented to you, but which are usually less exclusive, but with a connection to a farm, vintner and often also farm animals such as llamas, cows, sheep and goats, and offer an exciting experience especially for families.

In the already introduced app Park4night you can find some private pitches (for a fee), even more rarely at iOverlander. The only difference is that you are usually not alone on the meadow.  On the right you can see the available filters in P4N.

The Stayfree app also allows you to collect your own wild camp spots, which you can share with friends.  I hope there will be a reader here who can help us out with a report on their experience.

And yes - wildcampig is too an option, maybe you like our wild camping guideline and often not illegal on a international journey.

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