alternative to an rtt: portable Camping Tent Cot

This so called portable Camping Tent Cot like showed above are one of the best alternatives to a RTT (roof top tent) setup.
This so called portable Camping Tent Cot like showed above are one of the best alternatives to a RTT (roof top tent) setup. And is one of the easyest solution for doing overlanding or vanlife trips, they give you a lot of flexibiliy for your travelling vehicle.

You can find them in a price range starting from 100$ till 450$ online. Even double bed options are available on the market, if it isnt romantic enough standing nearby.

Together with the mosquito nets you are save from the insects as well as from rain, pretty similar to any RTT Setup, but much more comfortable for sleep. 

You find them also as complete Set: Campingt Tent Cot for 179 USD.

It comes with a full set of bedding which includes 1 sleeping bag, 1 air-mattress and 1 inflatable pillow (both mattress cover and pillow cover are delivered). Also a foot pump and other necessary accessories.

I`m shure it makes sence to do some fine tuning with gear you like more. Most of us would prefere to use our 12v air kompressor than the provided manual pump as example. 

I will never understand, why they are that underrated in the overlanding community. I did even see them as "double" edition for couples.

On my personal list of pro/cons against a rtt (roof top tent) there are just positive notes

+ no additional weight above
+ less cost
+ better comfort
+ easier access
+ easier storage
+ offroad friendly (weight / height)

You dont need a roof rack, you can use any car for going out in the nature. And you can even rent an 4x4 car if you dont own one. Or you can even do international trips by rentals like my Laos journey where I did enter China unintentionally by our rental 4x4 vehicle.

What is the perfect fit for you, has a lot to do with your home and your environment. I`m still a city guy (because of my job), with changing flats and underground car park slots. It limits the height of my vehicle, I also have limited space for storage.

A RTT wouldn let me use my parking space (because of height), I would have to rent an additional space for storage, to bring an example. Somebody who lives more natural dont have the same worrys, because of storage, and limited vehicle height.

As active readers my know, I did decide to sleep inside of my rig. Again something what has to do with my environment, because that solution will just work flawless if you havent kids jet.

So the choosed solution has always a lot to do with your environment and setting - because of that are that much solutions out there. All of them tested and approved over years and even on extended worldtrips, ground tents, sleeping inside, roof top tents, trailers with rtt, rv trailers or rv vehicle. That are all sleeping options for doing vanlife, camping or overlanding. 

Because of that you cant use the arguments of others "it is perfect for me, i have done it for years with success" to find your solution, you have to look witch sleeping solution will fit in your life and environment, you have to make a list of your individual pro/cons.

Which such a Tent cot you also avoid the weight trap, where many travellers arent really aware: the allowed roof weight is lowered at offroad condition.

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