SUV Battle 2021: Land Cruiser 200 vs 300, and everything else

I'm not sure why they didn't use the same setting in both, the Land Cruiser 300 and the 200. It seems, the 200 was the only SUV where they used the rock and dirt setting. In every other SUV they used the rock or rock crawl setting. This makes a noticeable difference!

But again - it is very impressive, how far they all are able to drive!

I`m shure you remember the older comparison: Offroad capabilly comparison of a modern SUV in stock condition where they did a direct comparison of : Land Cruiser 200, Mercedes GLS 450, Lexus LX 570, QX80, Range Rover, BMW X7, Mercedes G63.  Very nice that they did deliver that Update with the Land Cruiser 300!

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