ROB - the old Road of Bones and the R504 Kolyma Road

Road of Bones ROB R504 kolyma road ressearch

After having to debunk the Death Road in Bolivia as more of a myth in terms of driving, I want to prepare for the next trip with some deeper research. Is the Road of Bones such a great adventure? If so, for what type of trip?

Most of the travellers want`s to show how hard it was, how crazy, how dangerous - we will see if we are able to get a real picture. Too the skill and the equipment of those travellers will lead to a complete different experience on the same track.

And threre many rumors and less facts. Here I try to collect Informations, Links, GPX Files and everything I did find.

Is it possible to do this kind of research just virtually? I will try it and show the result here. Let us start with collecting links here:


So we did learn that there is a the R504 Kolyma Road and the "old road of Bones". The old track is a kind of bypass who did start in Kubyeme. I was even able to find the GPX Files and will try to visualize both routes, too the old road of bones over Tomtor.

ROB Road of Bones "old Track" Download

Road of Bones ROB R504 kolyma road ressearch over tomtor

ROB (old) MAP with Fuel stations und Road of Bones Track Download

Here below you can zoom to see everything in detail


After some hours of research I did found a Website of an local tour agency, who offer the trip on a commercal way. A 6 day trip with hotels at any night in summer season (from the mid june till the mid of September). The website is great to see what hotspots are worth to visit. They drive not the old road of bones. 

Road of Bones (ROB) R504 and the kolyma road how to

Sounds like if it is not really that remote than many blogs and videos try to show us. It looks like a great adventure for bikers. For an highly equipped 4x4 overlanding rig with snorkel and 33" mt tyres the adventure may end a bit with less adrenaline.

But bikers and van vehicles will have a lot of fun and adrenaline, check those Videos! 

The Road of bones is more an dirttrack, with the old road of bones over tomtor you will have several water crossings who likes like fun. And are probably not doable the whole summer season, depending on the water level - specialy for vehicles without an higher air intake.

The less prepared you are, so bigger your adventure can be on the same track. Something who many dont think about before they equip their travelling vehicle.

If I`m not able to drive the silkroad itself, I will plan a flight and a rental car trip - perfect for a 3 week holiday! Who loves less adventure and more companionship may even book a commercial trip for safety. The tour agency link is provided above.

Experienced offroad drivers with well equiped 4x4 will focus more to the "bam road", stuff for another article! This Article is also available in German Language: Mythos Road of Bones im 4x4

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