How to find POIs worth to visit for journeys like a silkroad or panamericana

Points of Interests are sometimes hard to find! Here is a guide how to optain a good set of POI`s (points of interrests)
We already did look, how we can collect POI`s and which tools are helpful. Here we will do an deep dive about how we can find those POI`s for an extended roadtrip like the silkroad or panamericana.

"Points of Interests" arent the same for different kind of travellers. Gas stations, mechanics, parking spaces or loundry`s as example arent that helpful for package tourists who are just using airplanes and hotels.  Therefore it usually doesnt help to get a big list of POIs who arent sorted and done for your travel habit. 

I strongly suggest to collect those POIs who are important for you by yourself. Specially for an extended yourney like the Panamericana, Transafrica or the Silkroad. Only you can can decide which Points you like to see, to do a preselection.  To get an awareness what is available, so you dont miss stuff afterwards.

We selfdrivers have a set of tools who brings a lot of helpful basics. You find them listened here: the best travel apps and helpful apps for wildcamping

They brings a lot of helpful POIs and Waypoints with them. And it makes sence to optain and use them directly inside of the apps, specially iOverlander and Park4Night brings a lot of useful informations: POI`s like: mechanics, Campsites, loundry services, where to buy gas or firewood or Hostelworld with tons of hostels at remote places. 

What they usually dont bring with them are: which citys are nice and you like to see them, which beach, waterful, nationalpark you like to see. On a 30`000km Journey you will have tons of options, and limited time, funds, and limited attention during the journey itself.

Most of us do dream a lot about travelling extended, are watching travel blogs, diaries, vlogs and other social media ressources for many years. I suggest to start collecting places you like to see instantly! But dont add those destinations just because of a Instagram posting with pictures with using filters and advanced editing. You have to review each point you add.

Some Nationalparks are similar, some just not special enough - so a complete List of Nationalparks dont will help you during your journey. 

The Map Overview of iOverlander brings hidden gems

Points of Interests are sometimes hard to find! Here is a guide how to optain a good set of POI`s (points of interrests)

The Map Overview of Park4Night

Points of Interests are sometimes hard to find! Here is a guide how to optain a good set of POI`s (points of interrests)

If your travel destinations get a bit exoctic like travelling through angola or bolivia you will see, that those are your best options:

Travel Blogs and Diarys
Social Media (Insta / Facebook / Youtube)
Searching the web

In non exotic travel destinations you will see that Google Maps is very very helpful, because they have all touristic spots in their Database. Just go to the area you like to travel, then search for "Tourist Attractions" and you find a lot. And you can filter after user ratings. 

After the search you find a list of POI`s on the left side together with a picture, which allows you to review those points of interests pretty quickly, together with useful links for a deeper analyse.  You can`t miss valuable sightseeing stuff prepared that way! 

If you plan a US, Australia or central Europe you may like to see just a selection of possible points of interests. Then you may like sites like this (and in any casual style travel guide book):