Panamericana: iOverlander POI record export

POI Panamericana Export iOverlander dataset to make it available offline. iOverlander POI in MAPS.ME!
If you use iOverlander without a data connection, you will quickly notice that the waypoints can be called up, but no map data is available for viewing. Whether a wild camp spot is near a road, at a river - is so unfortunately not apparent.

A user on Facebook was so bothered by this that he extracted the POI dataset from iOverlander. As KML files they can now be imported into offline capable navigation apps, i.e., Mapout, Magic Earth and so on.

Just click on one of the KML files, import, select and you have the waypoints available. If you now also made the destination available offline, you can see the desired waypoints on the map even when offline.

On my travels, this inadequacy of iOverlander had also bothered me, that without cellular coverage no map data was displayed. Now the waypoints are also available offline, you very the road map and can even navigate to the waypoints.

The following categories are available:
Showers, Sanitation Dump Station, Hostel, Eco-Friendly, Mechanic and Parts, Water, Customs and Immigration, Vehicle Shipping, Propane, Other, Restaurant, Consulate Embassy, Vehicle Insurance,
Pet Services, Wild Camping, Shopping, Checkpoint, Fuel Station, Medical, Vehicle Storage, Laundromat, Tourist Attraction, Warning, Wifi, Short-term Parking, Hotel, Financial, Informal Campsite, Established Campground

The data export is from December 2022 and includes user comments on the waypoints. The information will therefore become obsolete - but will still be useful for regions without mobile network for a few years.

Because that is the big advantage of iOverlander. Up to date information about the waypoints. And every day new valuable waypoints are added. An extracted dataset is therefore not a replacement but rather a supplement.

Here are the POI`s of iOverlander discussed at FB. Here is the dataset of the complete American continent for download.

We did wrote a lot about the topic of POI's in 2022, how we can find, collect and prepare them for travel planning. 

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