Road Life

The life at the road section is very important, it is our daily life during our journey. We should use everything to have a relaxed time, to make to road life easier for us. Here we will show you how our typical day looks like, how we cook, how we did use our experiences to save time and energy. 
Don`t do it the same. Look at anything and look how it fits your needs. And adapt that what is helpful for you. Then a lot about vanlife is very very individual. So we give you impulses, ideas - use that what is helpful in your eyes!

If we was able to help you, we would enjoy a link back to our website inside of your website or social media account. Too we are happy, if you have additional impulses - feel free to use the comment section!

Here I will collect related blog entrys about staying free and wildcamping, about cooking, about gear

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