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Vlog Rundschau and news-room and the current bush radio - travel inspirations not only for those who stayed at home!

Not everyone has the time to watch the VLogs (Youtube channels or Instagram accounts) of the protagonists in full length. So here comes a condensed update with the highlights - the latter at least from my perspective. Here you can dive into the travel worlds and the current sections with just one click.

Bluelandy  An exciting vlog where you can catch up on the latest experiences about traveling in Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Your departure - alone with the 4x4 from Iran, it takes more than good nerves! Really sensational pictures and drone shots - and of course the screwing on the Landy that is so popular or necessary for Landy drivers - it just makes your heart beat faster. And damn - yes they have cojones, especially because of/with the drone  - there are still travelers stuck in the countries mentioned. 

Levi & Leah tour USA & Mexico with a Prius with  rear tent attachment . In Buschfunk #2 they gave us an impressive room tour, showing the battery / cooker and sleeping setup. In the new episode they are now traveling with their parents, ie with 4 people and 2x overlanding Prius setup in Mexico - and enjoy traveling through so-called NoGo areas.

Laura & Mariano  The two are currently traveling in Iran with their van. With a glimpse into the homes of hosts, something unusual can happen. And yes, I think you are right with your thesis that the locals will laugh at you from time to time. I smiled along. But you have to stand by it... 

Lange Reisen had an eventful week. The DJI drone, which had already been written off, was replaced but later found halfway in the water on the shore. They almost took off with the bus on black ice - it's nice when the dashcam is always running and you can show it! I am amazed at what the two always pull out of their miracle of bus storage space. I discovered the third(!) two-flame gas cooker. They also still have the induction hob - but it is rarely used due to a lack of solar yield and a lack of a 12v  charging booster option for the Ecoflow  .

Eva Beck  answers the questions of her followers. A quite open soul stripteas I find, sympathetic for us readers. Does she regret the divorce? Do you regret traveling "new" with your dog? Which religions do you find exciting? The topic of dogs and the associated problems then comes up in South America at the latest in national parks, when shopping, visiting the doctor - we can lean back and follow the topic. But: the love for four-legged friends - will never let a "regret" arise. 

The travelers mentioned here and their channels live from their reach, clicks, likes and comments. They are all happy about a new follower, a nice comment, a click - you can support those you like. Let the ad run once or click on it - don't break our crown!

News Corner - News from the bush radio of long-distance travellers:
Vlog Rundschau and news-room and the current bush radio - travel inspirations not only for those who stayed at home!
You remember the current problems related to vehicle import / transit on the east route, which I already reported on in #Buschfunk. For the first time, the costs and amount of the "depot" fee for entering Ethiopia were mentioned:

over 7 year old motorcycles = 500% of the new price
younger motorcycles = 250% of the new price

Toyota Tundra 185'000km with overlanding setup as shown,
BJ 2010 with living cabin = 82,000 USD deposit

Vlog Rundschau and news-room and the current bush radio - travel inspirations not only for those who stayed at home!
A cyclist had to pay $50. Despite tough negotiations, this money could not be paid out again when they left the country. 

That means that there is too a risk that you dont get your payment/cash back, when leaving ethipia with motorcycles & overlanding SUVs either. However, the stranded people report that they have now slowly been able to make contact with higher officials, we can be curious. 

The east route is actually known for the more relaxed way to the south. Some alternative routes via Chad and Somalia are now being examined and are being clarified with the relevant embassies. Information on how to obtain information  was already available here in the blog, in addition to information from traveler vlogs. The east route update was updated at (23/11/22: 22:30). 

The article is also available in german language.


  1. Because of the ongoing issue on the eastern route, a traveler in a flatrack (suitable for tall vehicles) ships around Ethiopia: From Kenya directly to Oman:


    I found the info in the BT forum.

  2. Various embassies of Ethiopia were also contacted abroad in order to get further diplomatic channels. So far without success.

    Other websites on the subject:


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