Van Conversion

As you can see is my car pretty modded. What was good for crossing afrika looks a bit overdone in any other parts of the world. Here we try to show you which offroad modifications are helpful and where.

More important is the living comfort in your vehicle, a comfortable bed, watertank, cooking, electricity and solarpower. We will help you to see what camping gear we travellers are happy with and what was an complete disaster.

Also we will try to help you for choosing the right vehicle for your trip at the first place.

There are mostly severall ways to solve something. We just write about gear someone of us was able to use successfully on one of our journeys. We all did extended trips over severall countrys and are able do discuss advantages and disadvantages of our camping setups.

Important decisions before you start planning

Vehicle buying Guide:

Diesel vs Gasoline

Vehicle modding:Sleeping inside 4x4 buildup camping car
Travel as light as possible, to avaid repairs during your trip. Modify your verhicle carefully to avoid less capatility at difficult terrain!

Mods I wouldnt do again:

An self-sufficent offrid solar solution for vanlife / overlanding:

Alternative for an RTT or sleeping inside

Different Water storage solutions like water bladders or stainless steel tanks:

How you can get a hot shower (indoor/outdoor), from 12v, Gas, Diesel or 110v/220v electric based water heating boiler /geyser.
Many vehicles arent able to carry leally a RTT for offroad purpose!

Offroad Gear:
How you can save 180kg just with offroad gear:

Market Overview for RV Vehicles with Popup-Roof with a VW Transporter

Heating & cooking with a wood stove inside of your rv

Which are the best 12v compressor fridge?

And here is the reason, why we travellers should avoid rear double tyres - you will find many blogs of travellers - who had to fight that Issue often...


  1. Thank you for documenting all your fascinating travels. There's a wealth of valuable, real world experience to be uncovered here! One question : given the diesel / gasoline debate, and all knowledge you've acquired over the years, if you were to personally select a vehicle OR vehicles for RTW travel today, what would you choose? Say for a budget which is anything from low to high?

    1. I still would choose an diesel based vehicle, because the range is higer. An toyota because the spares & skilled mechanics are in many countrys available. I would choose a type who is available and common on most areas. And a model who is current, where the spares are on stock internatioally. Hilux, Land Cruiser 200, Prado. But most of us travellers arent doing a real RTW, they do one of the common routes like panamericana, silkroad and transafrica. For a 20`000 km trip a newer well maintained car, should be able to do it - independent of the brand!


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